Six Flags Over Georgia

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  • Wed, 23 Sep 2009
    CstrLuvr said: The park is currently closed due to flooding, as of 9/23/09. Please contact the park before attempting to visit, the length of the closure is unknown at this time.
  • Sat, 06 Jun 2009
    CstrLuvr said: Six Flags Over Georgia was Six Flag's second park. This park has a nice assortment of both steel and wood coasters. The steel coasters include three terrific B & M coasters; one stand up (Georgia Scorcher), one inverted (Batman the Ride), and a flying coaster (Superman - Ultimate Flight). Batman and the Georgia Scorcher are probably the most intense rides, they both boast a 4.0 G-force. Superman is to be noted because it made history with the world's first "Pretzel Loop" inversion. Goliath is also a great ride, it is a B & M Mega Coaster with 7 significant drops, a 540 helix, and a horseshoe. The Ninja is fun, it is a Vekoma coaster with 5 inversions including a Butterfly, a Reverse Sidewinder, and a Double Corkscrew. The Mind Bender is a good ride also, a Schwarzkopf coaster with 2 inversions, a helix, and a tunnel. The two wood coasters are thrillers also, the Georgia Cyclone is a mirror image of the original Cyclone at Coney Island's Astroland in New York. The Great American Scream Machine is a classic PTC built in 1973, and reaching a top speed of 57 mph. It is the second oldest coaster in the park, the Dahlonega Mine Train is the oldest, having been built in 1967. Some of the other significant rides at this park include Acrophobia, the only stand-up gyro drop tower in the US. This is a fantastic ride - you reach a top speed of 65 mph as you plummet 16 stories straight down on a 20 story tower. The best part is reaching the top, where your seat is tilted 15 degrees so you are forced to look straight down - DO NOT ride if you have "acrophobia" (a fear of heights)! This was a very unique ride and I enjoyed it a great deal. The Monster Mansion, although a "mild" ride, is a lot of fun, as are the Riverview Carousel (on the National Register of Historic Places), the Sky Buckets, and the Railroad. This is a fantastic park for the entire family, it has plenty of thrills for the thrill-seekers as well as many rides and activities for the entire family and the younger children. It is a beautiful park, reflecting the charm and grace of the "Old South" where it resides. It has been very clean and well kept on the occasions we have been fortunate enough to visit. I would highly recommend visiting this park, I can't wait to go again!