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  • Thu, 25 Jun 2009
    CstrLuvr said: Plenty to do here for the coaster enthusiast and thrill seeker! The Whizzer and the Demon are two of the park's original coasters, dating back to 1976. There are 2 inverted coasters, Batman the Ride and Vertical Velocity, 1 stand up, the Iron Wolf, and 1 flying, Superman Ultimate Flight. Wood coaster enthusiasts will enjoy both Viper and American Eagle, especially if they are running the blue train backwards on the Eagle. (not for 2009, sorry). The Raging Bull finishes my list of fave coasters here, it is a B & M megacoaster, and has incredible airtime! For some extreme thrills, try the Giant Drop, a 200 ft. free fall, or the Tornado, which starts with 7.5 story drop into a 60 story tall, 132' long water funnel, and continues through 5000 gallons of churning water! Much money has been spent in recent years to develop a really nice waterpark, be sure to take advantage of that also.
  • Mon, 18 May 2009
    matteocrepaldi said: Great park! I spent only one day here but thanks to the amazing golden qbot I got all the major credits done. I'm really disappointed about the removal of Deja Vu. It was a really good coaster and I was lucky to find it open on the day of my visit.