Sensitive personal informations

The e-mail address provided by users will be only used for Parkr! services, so it will be never shared by Parkr! with third parties, and will not even appear on the public profile of the user himself.

The entered password is immediately encrypted, so it is impossible to be tracked back to the previous one (the one provided automatically at first by the service).

Other personal informations can be introduced at the discretion of the user and can be changed or removed at any time. These data, as welle as the e-mai address, will be used only for this service. For other uses Parkr! must have a direct approvation from user, always following the appropriate document about terms of use.

For any question or for a removal data request, send an e-mail to


Google's Privacy Policy

This website uses some Google services like Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google Adsense. There is the possibility that Google will anonymously gather access data for statistics.
Google will never have access to your informations like your email address or your password. For complete information about google privacy policy:


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