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  • Fri, 22 Jan 2010
    Giga said: Phantasialand is definitely one of the most particular amusement parks in Europe. It has several kinds of rides and coasters, but the most unique trait of this park is themeing: the amount of scenery and its detail in some of the rides (Black Mamba and Talocan, mainly) surely makes them unique pieces that you can't find in any other park aroud Europe. The weak side of Phantasialand is that some areas and attractions look old and a bit decayed, especially the Temple Of The Nighthawk area and, undeubtedly, dark rides: Hollywood Tour and Geister Rikscha are quite awful and need, at least, a restyling.
    Overall, Phantasialand is a good park with a few bad aspects and, on the other side, some fun and spectacular rides like Black Mamba, Talocan and Mystery Castle, which is definitely one of the best free fall towers I've ever ridden.