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  • Mon, 02 Nov 2009
    SaruZ said: The best park in Italy!
    With Katun and ISpeed it can be compared to the others parks in Europe.
    I really like the atmosphere there
  • Mon, 06 Jul 2009
    la_manu said: @CstrLuvr iSpeed is a very amazing coaster! But also Katun is astounding! Last but not least Niagara, the most... wet ride I have ever been on! XD Cool!
  • Sat, 27 Jun 2009
    CstrLuvr said: I have been hearing much about iSpeed and hope that a similar ride will be built soon closer to home for me! It looks fantastic!
  • Thu, 14 May 2009
    matteocrepaldi said: Easily the best park in Italy. Katun is the best inverted coaster I've been on and I can't wait to ride iSpeed. The thing I don't like about Mirabilandia is that it has a complicated layout and you get lost too many times!