Lakemont Park

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  • Thu, 16 Jul 2009
    CstrLuvr said: Lakemont Park is best known for Leap the Dips, an ACE Classic Coaster which opened in 1902. It is the World's Oldest Roller Coaster! It was designed by Edward Joy Morris, and is a side friction coaster. Lakemont also has a Chance Rides Toboggan, and a Double out and back wooden ACE Coaster Classic, the Skyliner. The Skyliner (serial #127) was relocated from Roseland Park, and was designed by John C. Allen and built by PTC. They also have a great selection of historic flat rides including a Round Up, a Scrambler, a German Swing Chair, and an Octopus among many others. This is a fantastic family park, with plenty for everyone to enjoy!